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Alex + Ben

When the day came for engagement pictures with these two, Cincinnati weather went from cloudy, to snow, to rain, to a mix of everything in like 4 hours. Nothing we aren't use to but imagining the hair and mud and wet camera were not a pretty sight. Luckily, its like Mother Nature knew, and the snow/rain stopped just in time for our session.

For soooo long I had wanted to do a rooftop session like this downtown. when Alex and Ben were game for it I could finally bring this dream to life! I love photographing couples before their wedding for many reasons. It helps me understand how they interact with each other, they learn how I like to direct and engage. And honestly, its fun to talk wedding and get to know the couple I'll be hanging out with and working with on their big day.

This sweet little girl joined the shoot for a little as well. For as cold as it was on this day, Nora was such a trooper. Once she got to go on Bens shoulders she warmed up a lot! Its safe to say Nora is a big mamas girls, she loved snuggling upon her moms arms. Family sessions are so special.. the sweet interactions, candid moments, learning about all the personalities.

Thanks for spending a few hours hanging out downtown with me, and enjoying the bit of sunshine we had. Now let's fast forward to April and have a wedding!


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