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Alicia + Ory

For those who don't know already, I've pretty much known Alicia my whole life. And not in that, 'since high school' kind of thing. I'm pretty sure it was in kindergarten and we grew up together quite literally. We cheered, played sports, had the same friends. Ask anyone in my family and they'll tell you just how awesome Alicia is. So it's really cool to get to this point after all these years where I can be a part of this big milestone in such a unique way. That I have the chance to capture hers and Ory's wedding. You're going to see in these pictures just how much fun these two have and just how sweet they are together.

Alicia and Ory live in Columbus, but with family and friends here they make a lot of trips back and fourth. Downtown Cincinnati seemed like the perfect spot for these two. We had the best night for pictures too, per usual Cincinnati's weather is alway chaos.. but this night couldn't of been better.

While walking around snapping pictures, we walked passed Yardhouse which lead to the story about how Alicia and Ory had their first date there. Alicia forgetting her phone in Orys car afterwards sealed their fate and look at them now! So of course we had to get an honorary photo there.. because how could you not. Photographing these two was so easy. Every pose, every shot, they'd just laugh with each other. This entire session didn't even feel like I was working I swear!

After hanging around downtown we went a few blocks up to this cool little rooftop where we let things get more wild and fun. Orys Beastie Boy moves and salsa dancing were definitely captured up here! I could have edited this whole gallery start to finish if I could survive off of no sleep. Each picture just gets better and better!

**That little run at the end.. I had too add.. I can just feel the energy in it!

Alicia and Ory- thanks for such a great night, I had the best time learning and listening to your story. This session, and seeing your interactions, care and love for each other only makes me more excited to see you guys share that love on your wedding day. Cant wait!


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