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Katie + Joe

When I had first talked to Katie about engagement photos I threw the idea out to go to Krohn Conservatory. It had been raining for days in Cincinnati and we didn't want to take any chances of getting washed out. I had dreamed about doing a session here, so when Katie was all for it, I got super excited!

Instantly, we had to maneuver around all the guest/people who were walking around. Joe and Katie were game for anything I threw at them. Walking up and down the same path, kissing and booty bumping. I love it when guys are good sports and go with the poses they're put in. Joe was a natural.. but I probably have to give credit to Katie, they were constantly laughing and having fun the whole time.

I can't get over these two! I'm obsessing over these curved railings and all the greens.

I love engagements sessions with couples who I'll be photographing their wedding. I love hearing about how they met, the wedding planning, the funny corks and things that make them.. them. I learn so much. And I like to think its the trial run of the wedding day, the couple and I having a mini practice. As much as I love engagement sessions they really just get me so excited for the wedding! And if that's the case, Katie and Joe's wedding will go so smoothly.

These two light up in each other presence. I mean look at Katies smile when she's looking at Joe! Thanks for making this such a fun session. I can't wait to be a part of your guys big day, its going to be a beautiful wedding.. lets start the countdown!



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