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Maddy + Nick

Okay boys.. if you needed a sign to hire a photographer for when you propose.. this is it...and ladies, send this to your boys. Drop that hint!

I'm going to rewind this story back a few years ago where I had first met Maddy. We were both working as Preschool teachers together. The first thing I (and I assume most people) noticed about Maddy was her bubbly personality and huge smile. We ended up co teaching together, so I learned so much about Maddy and Nick as a couple. It was pretty obvious they're were going to be together forever. Maddy talked so highly of Nick, and they sounded like they made a great team together.

When Maddy had reached out for pictures of her and Nick I didn't even think about the idea that he might propose. It wasn't until a few days before our session he reached out and we talked details. I've done a million surprise proposals and they're seriously my favorite. It's even more special when I know the couple!

The whole session I was waiting for Nick to drop down to his knee.. I'm sure he was more nervous than me.. but still! Even as the photographer I get all giddy and excited and even nervous.

I think every girl deserves to have this moment captured. Even if you don't think she wants it.. hire the photographer anyways. It's so special. And it's such a monumental moment that you both will be happy to have photos of and look back on.

Nick, Maddy, and I walked around Eden Park. We went to the Mirror Lake, walked towards the Art Museum, and lastly grabbed a few by Krohn. This location is one of my favorites. With so many good backdrops and different scene, you can really get a wide range of photos. Quickly time passed and I wondered if Nick was going to propose. I offered up the idea of going to Mt. Adams, which was a few minutes away to snap just a few last photos and they were both down.. so this was it.. Nicks moment was coming!

We wrapped up our session and right before we started to walk Nick gave a little nod and dropped to his knee. As I snapped some photos then walked backwards to get a larger angle (and to give them some space and enjoy this moment), Nick and Maddy soaked up the moment and she said YESSS! The sweetest moment -I'm truly so honored to capture it.

Heres to the new ENGAGED couple, congrats you two! Couldn't be happier to be able to capture this sweet moment!


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