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Newborn Session

Newborns can be very tricky to photograph. Sessions are usually done in the first 10 weeks after the baby is born. If they aren't sleeping they're usually eating or needing change. So photographers are just taking a wild gamble hoping that they'll be sleeping when we come for photos.

My love for lifestyle in-home sessions stems wanting to create raw authentic photos in such a monumental moment of a families life. That, and parents are at such ease in their own homes. I can snap photos of the nursery, a shy sister in the background, a family cuddled up in their bed.

This session gives me all the natural, family vibes. The gorgeous nursery. The adorable dog. This session will make you feel like you were there.

I like to think I made lots of friends after this session.. the family dog is absolutely one of them. She was protecting and watching over her sister the whole time. I had to capture the adorable furry friend cuddled up with everyone.

This sweet little girl loved the sound of my camera clicking.. she couldn't stop staring at it! I loved it, gave me a chance to capture her big blue eyes.

There is a special place for newborns in my heart. Sometimes I'll leave a session unsure if I got good images, if the lighting was okay, if the baby looked relaxed.. it can be difficult. But every. single. time. I come back to the photos to edit I find myself loving the outcome.

Here are some good tips when going into a newborn session for my soon to be mamas out there:

1. Think about what's going to be in your shots.. the couch? The Nursery? Your bed? what's around those areas, whether its cups, blankets, boxes, whatever.. will be in your shot as well. Try moving things to a room or area you won't be near.

2. Keeping your baby on routine is great, but also for sake of photos, keep your baby awake before your photographer is coming. And right before your session feed your child a bottle. We love sleepy babes. it makes it easy to swaddle and position them when they're tired.

3. Soft music's and a high temperature in the house can help your baby stay calm when all the photo mayhem is going on. Feel free to use a pinky or bottle in-between photos if your baby is getting fussy.

Don't stress if your baby is crying or not happy. We, as photographers, understand they need things, they become tired, and pictures that young can be a lot. We do not mind at all. Rock your baby, take a break. We're all just doing the best we can :)


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