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Are We a Good Fit?

We both know there's hundreds of photographers out there.. 

How do you choose?

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Do you value real moments & authentic interactions with your significant other and your family? I'm with you every step of your wedding day to capture the love you see.


Your photos tell a story - your story. THAT is why you hire me, to capture those moments that will tell your story years down the road and last for  generations to come. 


Having a photographer you trust and can rely on is huge. I look forward to creating a relationship with my couples. Learning about the two of you is one of my favorite parts about documenting your story. 


I want to be a part of the excitement, i'm just as pumped about your wedding as you guys are. I love helping in any way I can, through creating a timeline, giving recommendations on vendors, helping you style your engagement shoot and so much more!

Fun Facts:

 I'm a Cincinnati native (an adamant west sider), I've lived here my whole life & I absolutely love it. But I can't deny my love for traveling. I hopped on an airplane for the first time when I was 13 years old for a school trip and that was all it took. I loved it so much in my early 20's I  became a Flight Attendant - an experience i'm forever thankful for. It's what led to me to Paris, San Fran, New Orleans, and so many more beautiful places.  Traveling is what sparked my love of photography and gave me the spirit to take the jump and make it my full time career. 

 I always have a cup of coffee in my hands. Coffee before a session, coffee while editing, and even coffee at 9 p.m. (you get the idea). So if you ask to meet up for coffee and talk weddings you're speaking to my soul. 

 I love clothes, shopping, and all that fun stuff. I'm a sucker for earth tones, trendy jackets, and hats. So if you're thinking about asking for help on what to wear for your engagement- ask away! 

 I consider myself an adventurer, when I think about my ideal vacation I can't imagine spending it all in one place doing the same thing. I need a little of everything and a lot of moving. New Zealand would be a DREAM! 


Years of experience serving brides just like you..

When I think about your wedding day I don't think about myself. I think about how I can make that day magical for you two. How I can capture you guys and make your legacy known through your wedding photos. 

Want to see if I have your wedding date available? 



// You value candid moments with your partner.

// When you think about what's important, your family is at the top of the list.

// You can catch my FRIENDS and Office references. 

// You really enjoy to laugh, and can poke fun at awkward situations. 
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